5 easy ways you can grow your connection with your loved ones

Connection is a sweet treat. It can enrich your life, cause you to feel happier, offer much-needed moral support, and so much more! But, sometimes life can get a bit busy and you may find that some of your friendships could use a bit of a pick me up.

To help keep your connections strong with those you love, here are a few ways you can strengthen the connections with those you love most:

1. Chat in person or virtually

Girl smiling while texting someone.

Quality conversation is one of the best ways you can build your relationships, because it can allow you and another person to share parts of yourselves with each other, creating a growing bond between you and that person.

Plus, if you or the person you’re chatting with is going through a tough time, talking with someone you trust is known to reduce stress and help you both feel supported.

Many studies have shown that having a good relationship with others causes people to be happier, have better health, and live longer.

2. Send jokes or positive messages

A good laugh has been shown to produce many health benefits including reducing stress and soothing tension. Every one of us experiences some type of stress on a daily basis, so sending a quick laugh or positive messages to your loved ones is a sure way to show them you care while building your connections with them.

3. Have a game night

Two older women, having a game night, and laughing.

Did you know that a game night could help you build your relationships, relieve stress, make you and your loved ones happier, AND even improve sleep?

Game nights are a great way to spend time with your loved ones because they create an ideal space to spend quality time with those you love. Because games are often fun and induce lots of laughter, many stress hormones in your body go down, which then helps you feel better and rest better at the end of the night.

4. Send a hand-written letter

First off, who doesn’t get excited when they see a handwritten letter for them in the mail? Most, if not all, people love getting letters that aren’t bills or junk mail.

Plus, handwritten letters also have great benefits for you as well. Because handwritten letters will make your loved ones happy, that in turn will make you happy, too. And, handwriting is known to calm your mind, stimulate your creativity, and help you feel more thoughtful and peaceful.

5. Give a thoughtful gift or care package

Two girls giving a friend a gift at the dinner table.

Giving gifts are also a great way to build a connection with someone, but the key is to do it mindfully. When you go through the process of thinking about someone you want to give a gift to, and then think about what that person may or may not like, you start to get to know them better.

In fact, the more you engage in that process, the more you will feel closer to the person you’re planning to give a gift to.

When you finally decide what you’d like to give someone, you'll probably begin to feel good yourself because you took the time to bond with that person, even if they may not have known about it.

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