Donut bath bombs stacked on top of one another.

Artisan Bath Bombs

Ever wish there was a magic remedy to relax your body, improve your mood, and help you sleep? Pair a warm bath with one of our fun bath products to do just that.

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A box of "You Matter" pass along cards scattered across a neutral colored background.

Pop-Open Note Cards

Wish there was an easy way to say thank you, let someone know they matter, or send some hope? Pick a card, any card to send the perfect message to your best friend, or the delivery guy.

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Bath Truffles

Wonder what a bath truffle is? We like to describe it as a luxiourious bubble bath that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, and boasts amazing aromatherapy benefits.

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New Arrivals

Discover our newest products to help you get out of the bleus of life or connect with others out of the bleu. Start to feel like the best version of yourself today.

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