Get Things Off Your Plate! The Easy Hack You Can Use to Simplify Your Life.

If you’re a mom, you know what busy feels like. Where sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you still have a full plate.

So today we’re going to talk about one thing you can do to lessen your load. That way you can feel more calm and get that much needed stress relief.

Do What Matters, Cut Out What Doesn’t

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The first step you can take to start combating a busy schedule is to decide what matters most to you and cut out what doesn’t.

Sometimes this principle can be a little easier said than done (mostly because there will probably be things you want to keep on your schedule, but they may not be the best thing for your life right now).

However, when we truly fill our lives with the things that we really care about, we open the door for a much more fulfilling life.

What This Can Look Like for You

This will look different for every person, and it can even look different for you from day to day.

I experienced this often when I was a busy college student who worked full-time and had a little kid at my feet. 

I did my best to spend time on the areas that mattered most to me, like spending time with my family. However, at times my schedule would get complicated, and I had to assess what I would keep doing, and what I would get rid of.

For example, there was a Saturday when I had been spending hours on my homework, but I still needed to get groceries. To help me out, my husband offered to go get them while I got my homework done, but we hadn’t spent much of the day together. 

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Ultimately, it was either go get groceries and spend time with my husband or get the assignment done.

Now to give you a little background about me, I really really really love to do a good job on things. I’ve never been the type to turn in something that’s mediocre or take a 0 on an assignment because I didn’t want to do it. So…this was a really hard decision for me. 

But after wrestling with the decision, I decided that I wanted to spend time with my husband. 

In the moment, I felt like I was giving up something important (my homework assignment), but once I made the decision, I realized that I cared about my husband even more, and I stopped caring about the assignment. In fact, I felt relieved that I didn’t have it on my plate anymore.

To live a truly fulfilling life, there will be times when we have to make hard decisions and cut out things that don’t serve us or make us unhappy. 

But if we can identify what we really love and what we don’t, and then align our priorities accordingly, that’s when we will begin to feel greater joy and love the lives we create for ourselves.

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